The Hunted Skull Tracker T-3 Knife 8.5 inches

Hanzo Price: $7.50
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Part Number:HWT04YCM
The wide Tracker replica knife is a thick and functional unit originally designed for intense labor purposes. Two cutting edges are featured for reliability and flexibility. Stainless steel is used for a high quality material. This tracker knife has a serrated upper spine. The full tang is a single piece that spans through the handle. Full sized grips are finished skull pattern and three Allen-type bolts hold each grip secure.

This knife type has so many functions it meets criteria for a knife, and striker an comes with a survival kit. The Hunted Tracker T-3 comes with a stiff nylon sheath and can be fixed to the belt.

Overall Length: 8.5 Inches
Blade Length: 3.5 Inches
Blade: Tracker Style, Stainless Steel
Blade Thickness: 4.0mm
Blade Width: 2.39 Inches
Handle: Full Tang, Three Bolts, 4 inches
Grip: Skull pattern Finish
Features: Serrated Upper Spine
Sheath: Stiff Nylon, Black

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