The Lord of the Rings Anduril Sword

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The Lord of the Rings Anduril Sword
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The Lord of the Rings Anduril Sword

This officially licensed reproduction sword from The Lord of the Rings trilogy is Anduril, the sword of King Elessar of Gondor. Anduril was forged from the shards of the sword Narsil, carried by Aragorn, the heir to the throne of Gondor. Aragorn wielded Anduril against the forces of Sauron and assumed the name of Elessar once the final victory was won. This top quality replica measures 52 7/8" in length and features a 40 5/8" double tempered, 420 stainless steel, false edged blade. The leather wrapped handle offers a solid metal cross guard and pommel with an antique silver plated finish and 24K gold plated fittings. Both the blade and pommel contain rune inscriptions in the Elven language of Quenya. This sword includes a wall plaque with silkscreen symbols of the Kingdom of Gondor and a parchment certificate of authenticity. United Cutlery, UC1380AS.

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