The Lord of the Rings Glamdring Sword

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The Lord of the Rings Glamdring Sword
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The Lord of the Rings Glamdring Sword

This is Glamdring, an officially licensed reproduction of the ancient sword carried by the wizard Gandalf the Grey in the epic trilogy The Lord of the Rings. Originally created in the First Age of Middle Earth by Elven craftsmen for the High King of Gondolin, Gandalf gained possession of Glamdring during his earlier adventures with the hobbit Bilbo Baggins. Gandalf used Glamdring in his battles with the Balrog and the leader of the Nazgul. This replica of Glamdring measures 47 5/8" and has a 36" blade of 420 stainless steel inscribed with Elven runes that say the sword was forged for "Turgon, the King of Gondolin." The hilt features a solid metal cross guard and pommel with antique metal finish and genuine leather wrapped grip. This item includes a wall display plaque with wood grain finish and silkscreen design. This is a marvelous item for the fan of Tolkien’s epic tale! United Cutlery, UC1265.

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