Tough Tanto Heavy Duty Hunting Knife

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Hanzo Price: $12.99
Tough Tanto Heavy Duty Hunting Knife
Part Number: H-4958-CH
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The real deal Tough Tanto is a knife that performs tasks beyond that of other knives with a Razor Sharp 440 stainless steel blade. When we say razor sharp, we mean it can shave the hairs from a donkey ass. Use the tanto style blade with the two cutting edges for heavy duty tasks that require precision cuts. The rigidity of the blade would probably pierce through steel plating or thick bone if necessary, or you can use the upper serrated spine to cut away a bone or firewood. On the pommel is a cutout to allow teeing a cord to the knife handle. Get a Tough Tanto now and we can throw in a FREE tough nylon sheath with belt loop, double stitching, and steel rivets.

Overall Length: 13.75 Inches
Blade Length: 8.35 Inches
Blade: Tanto, Fine Edge, Serrated Spine
Blade Thickness: 3.6mm
Sharpness: Razor Sharp
Handle: Full Tang, Riveted Grip
Includes: FREE Tough Nylon Sheath

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