Ultimate Extractor Bowie Survival Red Camo Knife

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Ultimate Extractor Bowie Survival Red Camo Knife
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The Ultimate Extractor is one of the fiercest Bowie you will ever have. Just the look of this knife will give you the chills. It offers a Red Camouflage 440 stainless steel with an extremely sharpened blade, which have some awesome features added to it. The blade sports an accurately Bowie design with teeth like serrations and a well sharpened gut hook on the top to give the knife a sleek, stylish and fierce look. You can see the accuracy of the blade on the grinding line which separated the spine from the infamous blade. This knife also makes the perfect line cutter, especially towards fish hunting.

The blade is attached onto the ergonomically designed handle. The Red Camo ABS material handle features a finger groove design with a short guard, protecting the hands from slipping onto the extremely sharpened blade. The pommel offers a stainless steel butt cap giving you extra defensive power when using. The handle is weather proof making this knife the Ultimate Survival knife needed in the wild. So the next time you hunting, fishing or hiking, you will now have a reliable and trustworthy knife to call your savior.

Overall Length: 12.25 inch
Blade Length: 7.5 inch
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel, Danger Red Camo Finish
Handle Length: 4.75 inch
Handle Material: ABS Composite, Danger Red Camo Rubberize Finish
Includes: Durable Black Nylon Sheath with Belt Loop, Steel Butt Cap
Style: Danger Red Camo Finish

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