WW2 1943 M1 Garand Replica Bayonet

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Replicated to match the real bayonet used during World War II in 1943, this bayonet features a black anodize stainless steel dagger style blade with a wood handle. The handle has the gun groove to fit the M1 Garand and the 1903 Springfield while the blade features the engraving "OL US. 1943”. Razor sharp, the blade has blood grooves on both sides. Just push down the releaser on the handle to unleash this thick and massive dagger style stainless steel blade. To close, just push it back in the sheath while pressing down on the releaser on the handle. This Bayonets guard has a gun ring which was popular with these types of knife to be fixing with the gun soldiers were used, the MI Garand and 1903 Springfield. This knife comes equipped with a green ABS sheath and black steel throat fittings which is stamped U.S.

Overall Length: 14.5 inch
Blade Length: 10 inch
Handle Length: 4.5 inch
Blade Construction: Stainless Steel
Sheath: Green ABS with Steel Throat Fitting

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