Walther PPK/S CO2 Pistol

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Walther PPK/S CO2 Pistol
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Walther PPK/S CO2 Pistol

Enjoy the excitement of the Walther PPK, one of the world’s most famous pistols, with the PPK/S CO2 BB Pistol Action Pack! Fire 15 steel BBs as fast as you can pull the trigger, at 295 fps. The realistic recoil made by the split-second precision BLOWBACK action and its heavyweight metal construction lend its authentic look and feel. This action pack includes the semi-automatic PPK/S 12g CO2 powered PPK/S pistol, a pack of 250 .177 caliber steel BBs and a pair of Hammerli shooting glasses for safety and protection. Ages 16 and older.

Note: This item cannot ship to CA, MA, NY. 

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