We have some exciting news! Starting today 9-1-2011 we will be giving away prizes daily. Items such as spring assisted knives, stun guns, swords and Hanzoswords.com gift certificates! For details and a chance to win follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We will have separate giveaways and promotions for both Facebook and Twitter. So if you follow us on both you have double the chances of winning. Right now our followers and fans list is small so you have an excellent chance of winning.

Here are the rules.

1. Must be U.S. resident at least 18 years of age or have a parent giving me consent to ship the item to them I will need to speak to parents.

2. Must be willing to leave us a product review or testimonial post on Twitter and or Facebook. (we would love to see some video testimonials but this is not mandatory) We would also like if you could send us a photo with you and your free item if possible.

3. For some promotions you must follow instructions such as retweeting for us or reposting one of our Facebook comments.

4. No purchase is necessary.

5. Winner affirms that by accepting a prize he or she may lawfully own such a prize in their jurisdiction and will not hold Hanzoswords.com liable for any infraction of the law regarding posession, use, or receipt of said prize.

We have already posted our first giveaway so what are you waiting for!

Hurry to our Facebook and Twitter page.




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joshua campo

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Dan Balsinger

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Rick DeYoung

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devin french

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Ronna Baker

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Ronna Baker

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Sean Flynn

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Lacey Gross

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Lacey Gross

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Arthur Cheng

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Marco Dalpra

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