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Here is a great deal!
If you bought these separately, they would cost you $109.99 each, Buy them together and save $10!

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You will receive:
1 two piece stand, 2 Protective Cloths, 1 cleaning kits, and 2 functional swords for one price!
You'll receive 1 Bride Rampage Fully Functional Sword
1 Bill's Demon Fully Functional Sword!
Customer Testimonial:
Got it today. I never expected the quality of a high end Paul Chen from a $200 katana. I have a Chen "Wind and Thunder" and a "Musashi" and the quality is very comparable. Thanks guys.
Michael N. - Advance, NC

Here is our Hanzo Steel Katana. These are fully functional Kill Bill Replica battle ready katana swords ready for action. The video below shows someone slamming one of these into a piece of tree trunk and slicing off the edges of the it. As you can see the steel does not bend. These are extremely sharpened swords, so if you purchase this set, please be careful. Each sword comes with a Protective Cover, a Maintenance Kit with Hattori Hanzo in Japanese, and a FREE Lacquered Finish Stand with Felt Lining

Blade lengths are approximately 29" long. These blades are made of HRC1045 high carbon steel in the popular Shinogi Zukuri style. The famous Kill Bill Emblems are ENGRAVED on blade. The Tsuka (handle) is made with genuine Ray Skin and is wrapped in black leather (PVC) braid measures 11” long. There are two gold sycamore ornaments attached on either side of the Fuchi (collar) and the Kashira (buttcap at the end of handle). These buke-zukuri style katana swords have a black Tsuba (guard) that is the same style as in the movie. The Saya's (scabbards) are made of wood with black lacquer finishes. They measure 31” long. The body of the scabbards bear the identical three-leaf sycamore emblem as seen in the movie. The Kurikata's (knobs) are wrapped with cords which are used to suspend the katana sword by your waist.
Please note that the Sageo's (cord's) will vary in color, from tan, black, and silver. We cannot accommodate requests on the sageo color. Thank you.

Overall lengths: 42"
Blade lengths: 29"
Blade materials: HRC1060 High Carbon Steel
Hardness: 60 degrees front and 40 in the back
Iron Wrapped Blade
Extremely Sharpened blades
Hanzo lion emblem on the Bride Sword
Hanzo demon emblem on the Bill Sword
Solid steel tsuba
Three leaf sycamore emblem Engraved on the scabbard
High quality lacquered wooden scabbard
Leather (PVC) wrapped handle
Real Ray Skin used on the handle

**Sword Cleaning Kit may vary from picture, but will always include everything you need.

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